Unlock the learning in your child's play with our themed activity boxes!

Designed with Early Years learning theory as a basis. Aimed at 3-6 year olds, adaptable for older kids! 

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What is A2Z Activity Box About?

90% of brain development happens by age 5.

Research shows that children who are provided a "rich home learning environment" when they are young (3 years old), carry that advantage all the way to secondary school! (Institute of Education. (2003). The Effective Provision of Pre-School Education [EPPE] Project).

What is more, in the case of young children, it doesn't matter WHO the parents are (i.e. social class, wealth is less relevant), the advantage comes from WHAT parents do with their children at this age.

As parents, we all want the best for our children. As a society, we want every child to have the best chance in life possible.

The evidence suggests that the answer to unlocking more of a child's potential lies in the Early Years when their brain is still developing. Unfortunately, this is the stage in a child's life where we focus the least as a society. 

This is where A2Z Activity Box comes in! We want to enable as many children as possible to have a "rich learning environment" at home by equipping parents / carers with the ideas and skills 

to help stimulate their children at an early age.

There is a multitude of research and theory into how young children learn. The evidence shows that they learn best through play! As adults, we struggle to digest the idea that anything productive could be achieved through something so frivolous!

Step back and think for a moment, for example, when a child plays with a ball, repetitively throwing it. Being fascinated by the effect they have caused. They are learning about and experimenting with trajectory! They are learning much more then we could teach them by sitting down and lecturing them on the topic, in our adult styles!

This example illustrates how our boxes work. We take an area of learning, develop a game / activity / challenge to harness that learning, and we equip you as a parent / carer with the knowledge you need to further your child's learning and development!

How far you choose to take this is up to you! Simple fun learning games or full on home learning. We have what you need!

Whilst we are providing a unique service, we are socially responsible and want our activities to be accessible to as many children as possible therefore, our prices are purposefully kept as low as sustainable.

Despite this, we realise that many children who are educationally disadvantaged will still not be able to access this advantage. Therefore, as our next step, we hope to work together with schools in order to identify children who may benefit and donate boxes.

Please subscribe, share and contribute to this movement so that together we can give as many children as possible, the best start to life!

"It's more than just a box of activities, it's a box which will allow your child to develop an interest in a particular topic and learn to explore it, enjoying lots of educational and creative activities along the way!" The World is Their Classroom Blog

Why A2Z Activity Box?

Brain Stimulating Fun!

Designed in line with Early Years guidance so that each activity is brilliant for your child's development. Play-based learning through games, songs, challenges and much more.

No Preparation!

You don't have to research and buy supplies as everything you need is in the box so you are ready to get stuck in.

With a difference!

Our activities are NOT just one off crafts. They can be used again and again.

Our activities GROW with your child. We have included ideas of how to adapt them as your child progresses!

Our activities incorporate the packaging as much as possible as we aim to be ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE.

A2Z with A and Z!

Use the search bar to type in the name of the activity to find a blog entry with pictures and insights into our play!

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